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Big Budget Template + Easy Budget Template | Developed by Desktop Documentaries

Documentary Budget Template Pack

Do you need a budget for your documentary or film project?

Confused about what to include or where to start?

What if there was a pre-formatted documentary budget template already created and all you had to do was plug in your own numbers?

If your documentary project requires cash, you're going to need to show your client or potential funders a budget and a plan. And not just ANY budget. It's got to be specific, comprehensive AND accurate.

Creating a film budget from scratch can easily take days if not weeks of work.

The first problem is figuring what budget items to include in the first place.

The second problem is figuring out what those items will cost.

And on top of that, you've got to understand basic formulas for working with a spreadsheet program like Excel.

If you don't have experience with film budgets or documentary filmmaking, it's very easy to overlook key budget items and severely underbudget (or overbudget) your project.

Luckily, our Emmy-winning documentary team has put together a set of budgeting tools that you can begin using right away.

Here's what you get:

“Big” Budget Template

A detailed 4-page Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document already filled in with standard documentary budget items along with sample costs.

The spreadsheet also includes pre-made formulas assigned to appropriate cells.

*Appropriate for any large 45-90 minute documentary project.

“Easy” Budget Template

A one-page simple budget perfect for your documentary trailer, a non-profit educational video or any other 6-7 minute video project.

*Formulas and prices already added in

Documentary Budgeting Mini-Course

The Budgeting Course takes you step-by-step through the budgeting process.
You'll be amazed when you learn how budgeting involves so much more than just adding up a few numbers!

Things You'll Learn In The Budgeting Course:

Exact items and details of what should be included in your budget.

What section of the budget funders often scrutinize the most.

What to do about the problem of “not enough money”.

How to “think like a filmmaker” and how the budget should be viewed in the big picture.

Insider tips about the documentary budgeting process.

How to do simple budgeting formulas in Excel.

The unexpected budgeting section that catches many first time documentary filmmakers by surprise.

Sampling of Questions Answered in the Documentary Budgeting Course:

  • Should I pay myself and, if so, how much?

  • How detailed should my budget be?

  • What is a realistic or “reasonable” grand total budget cost for my documentary?

  • How much do I include in the budget for contingency and a fiscal sponsor?

  • Do I need insurance?

  • Do I have to pay taxes on my crew?

  • What if it costs more to rent equipment than it does to buy equipment outright?

  • Can I rent my own equipment back to the project?

Why The Budgeting Templates?

Having the two templates and budgeting guide takes away all the guess work of what to include in your budgets, big or small.

Saves you hours of work creating a budget from scratch.

Puts budgeting into perspective within the documentary project as a whole.

Gives you a powerful tool for your fundraising efforts.

Saves you the embarrassment of submitting an unprofessional or incomplete budget.

Is This Documentary Budget Template Pack Right For You?

Too many first time documentary producers are lost when it comes to all the costs involved in a documentary project and how to put together a thorough and professional budget.

This template and budgeting e-guide allows you to get a HUGE jumpstart on your project. It's a pre-designed template (all the prep work has been done for you) and packed with everything you need to create a powerful budget that will impress investors and help get you the funding you need.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I hope you will find the Budgeting Course and Templates extremely useful. As my promise to you, there is a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Just e-mail me your original receipt e-mail and your purchase will be refunded via PayPal within 2-3 days. There is absolutely no risk.

Get Instant Access

The Budget Templates and access to the budgeting mini-course are available immediately after purchase. Just click the red buy button and you'll be taken to a simple registration page where you'll be asked to create a password and insert your email. After that, you'll make payment and then you'll have access to the course module as shown below.

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