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    $97.00Documentary Fundraising Course + Film Funders Pack

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    $97.00Documentary Proposal Template Pack

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    $341.00Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

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    + Documentary Proposal Template Pack ($97)
    + Documentary Fundraising Course + Film Funders Pack ($97)
    + Documentary Budgeting Masterclass ($97)
    + Documentary Budget Template Pack ($67)
    + Documentary Budget Samples Pack ($67)
    + Documentary Going Rates Handbook ($67)
    + FREE: Cash Flow Worksheet + Tutorial

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    $47.00Documentary Legal Forms and Contracts [Starter Pack]

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    $47.00Documentary Legal Forms and Contracts [Post-Production]

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    $297.00Legal and Business Essentials For Documentary Filmmakers

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    $391.00Documentary Legal Tool Kit

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    In This Bundle You Get:
    + Documentary Legal & Business Essentials ($297)
    + Legal Forms & Contracts [Starter Pack] ($47)
    + Legal Forms & Contracts [Post-Production] ($47)

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"I am in the beginning stages of Directing my first documentary. Now that I know the steps, and know what to do, it will be a fun shoot! Thank you!"

- Sandra Matrecitos (Enrolled in 7-Day Documentary Crash Course)