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  • Fundraising Course + Bonuses

    Learn essential fundraising concepts through 10+ fun and easy explainer videos. Plus 18 modules of core content that take you step-by-step through finding money for your film. You'll be amazed what you learn in this course!

  • Proposal Template + Writing Guide

    Get our popular Documentary Proposal Template and Proposal Writing Guide. Everything is formatted and ready to go.

  • Budgeting System + Templates

    Get our complete documentary budgeting system including templates, going rates, sample budgets and a budgeting masterclass.


The Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit contains our best fundraising templates, tools and courses. It's the complete packet of tools needed to help you quickly get up to speed to raise money for your documentary.

  • Documentary Fundraising 101 Course ($149)
  • Documentary Budgeting Masterclass ($149)
  • Documentary Proposal Template + Write Guide ($67)
  • Documentary Budget Template Pack ($67)
  • 2018 Going Rates Handbook ($67)
  • Documentary Budget Samples Pack ($67)

These items can either be purchased individually or all together as part of this tool kit at a highly reduced/discounted rate - get 60% off!

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Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

"Most helpful tool I have EVER come by!"

by Amber Talarico (Los Angeles, CA)

"I am currently reading everything. And oh my Lanta, this course is the most helpful tool I have EVER come by! I am SO happy I came across it. Thank you for putting all the time and effort in creating this. You are helping hundreds if not thousands of people. I will be sure to promote this to all my other film friends!"

"Dead On"

by Murv Seymour/Documentary Director (Killer B3)

"I wish I had discovered this course before I produced my first flick. Your information on who donates and why is dead on. The goal for my next film is $100,000. When I'm done with your lessons, hopefully I will have more tools at my finger tips to get there."

"Blew me away"

by Cat Russell / Documentary Producer (Colorado, USA)

"You blew me away with the concept that fundraising is not asking people for money, you are getting them to sign on to something they want to be a part of. Wow! If I only new that the last time I fundraised on Kickstarter!"

"Many, many take-aways"

by David Williams / Documentary Producer (New York, USA)

"As a former nonprofit executive director many of the points covered within the course were familiar to me. However, filtered through the lens of raising funds for a documentary (my first!) the ground covered was a comforting reminder of how to do this sort of thing. There were many, many take-aways."

"Helped to keep me focused"

by Richard Graves / Documentary Director (USA)

"This is my first time attempting anything like this, and if it wasn’t for your Documentary Fundraising Toolkit, I would be lost, really. The only reason I have a website and a high quality trailer is because of how much you emphasized this in your courses. And you have really helped to keep me focused on the steps to take on a daily basis to reach my goal."

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Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

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