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7-Day Documentary Crash Course:

  • Designed for complete beginners and first-time independent filmmakers.
  • Learn from an EMMY-winning 25+ year veteran of the documentary and filmmaking profession.
  • Get 4-years worth of film school condensed into 7 days.
  • Join a global following of 750,000+ documentary filmmakers and video enthusiasts.
  • Receive personal support while you learn via private discussion forum inside the course.
  • Daily assignments and worksheets.
  • Downloadable resources and essential forms including scriptwriting & production templates, storyboard sketch sheet, a full documentary script sample, equipment check-list & much more.
  • Get a free BONUS 3-day crash course "How To Make Money With Videos And Documentaries".

"I'm excited about this new adventure of filmmaking. It's the first time in my life I've been able to explore my artistic side. Your 7 day crash course was the spark that lit the fire. Thank you." ~Eric Scott

The Truth About Making Documentaries

No doubt, making a documentary can be a daunting endeavor. Whether it's fundraising, idea development, writing a script, choosing gear, figuring out how to sell your film, talent releases or legal issues, every step of the process can seem overwhelming.

I get it. I've been there.

As a documentary producer and publisher of Desktop Documentaries, I see filmmakers making the same painful mistakes over and over again. Many of the mistakes I've made myself! Wouldn't you rather know ahead of time the common pitfalls and how to avoid the most common mistakes involved in making a documentary?

What if there was a simple step-by-step process you could follow - right here, right now - that shows you exactly how to make a documentary from beginning to end?

IMAGINE having a finished film that delights and entertains audiences, empowers people to action, enlightens a new way of thinking, ignites social change and/or makes the world better a better place.

IMAGINE inviting all your friends to the premiere, attending film festivals and seeing your documentary showcased on HBO, PBS or Netflix!

Here's the thing. There's a TON to learn about making a documentary and you could easily spend the next four years of your life studying every aspect of the process and STILL not know everything.

Here's what you've got to do.

Take. Action.

Without action, you're dead in the water.

What action can you take right now that will move you forward with your documentary project?

What's stopping you?

Do you feel that you need additional training? Do you need someone to guide you step by step through the process?

Do you need help getting unstuck or finding some motivation?

How To Make A Documentary | 7-Day Crash Course

The 7-Day Documentary Crash Course is designed specifically to jump-start your documentary project and get you TAKING ACTION as quickly as possible.

Film school is wonderful, but can cost up to $40,000/year.

What this course provides (at a fraction of the cost) is an easy-to-understand blueprint of the documentary filmmaking process and immediate access to the core information you need to get started.

"I found the course to be very inspirational and essential. My documentary is coming around well. Lots of interviews and door knocking still to go and, when it's done, I credit your course that helped me get started and finished." ~Martin Munday

A Sampling of Topics in the 7-Day Crash Course

What To Expect With This Course

This is a text-based course divided into easy bite-size lessons with video examples and graphical elements to further your understanding of each concept. Each day's lesson comes with an assignment and handy worksheet to help you work through all the important aspects of your documentary.

In addition, you get a variety of other forms and exercises to help you throughout the making of your documentary such as production work sheets and story structure guides.

On top of all that, you'll have direct one-on-one access to the course instructor via a discussion module inside the course.

The goal for the course is to take the mystery out of the filmmaking process, help you avoid common pitfalls involved in making a documentary and give you the best information possible to help you make a successful film.

Sample of Worksheets, Templates and Forms that come with the
7-Day Documentary Crash Course

This course is not meant to replace film school, but if you decide to attend film school, you will be TEN STEPS ahead of everyone else.

And if you are already in the process of making your documentary, this course will help you clarify exactly how to move forward no matter where you are in the process.

What Students Are Saying

Andreas Proel:

Aramide Durand

Asha Mevlana:

"I just started working on my first documentary a couple weeks ago. While I did go to film school a while back, this course has not only been a HUGE refresher for me, but also brought up a lot of things I hadn't thought about.... I highly recommend this course!" ~Asha Mevlana/Filmmaker

Let's Get Started!

The 7-Day Documentary Crash Course is regularly updated with the latest documentary filmmaking information and techniques.

There is no other online course like this that covers the full spectrum of documentary filmmaking. 

How much is it worth to you to get your dream documentary completed?

Would you be willing to invest $1,000, $2,500 or even $40,000?

What if you could get started right now for a fraction of that?

Get Instant Access

The 7-Day Documentary Crash Course is an online course that begins immediately after check out.

The 7-Day Crash Course comes with lifetime access so you can move through the material at your own pace and with the option to refer back to the step-by-step instructions during the various stages of making of your documentary.

Reviews From Students:

This Documentary Crash Course is the Bomb-Diggidy! I like to think of it as the Documentary Film Course For Dummies. You can literally sign up on day-1, and get everything you need in one learning center to go out into the field and produce your own documentary. Whether your doc will be good or not is completely up to YOU LOL.

Tommy Red Phipps (Los Angeles, CA)

This course has been an absolute life saver for me. It has given me all the skills I didn’t already have in documentary filmmaking, which is completely different from other genres. It really has made my life so much easier and it is well worth the money. Thank you for putting all your hard work out there for us newbies to learn from.      

Andrea LaRosa 

Absolutely awesome! I can't say enough good things about this course. It was exactly what I was looking for and WAY more. I've gone to film school so some of the info was a refresher and a lot of it was new. For anyone looking to make a film, this is the perfect resource - comprehensive, organized and the information you will actually need. Would recommend this to anyone looking making a film.       

Asha Mevlana

Your DOC CRASH COURSE has been very helpful. I find it well written, easy to follow, and very generous with all kinds of information for making a documentary from one end to the other. Thank you for creating the course. I am very glad I found it.

Errol Martens (Canada)

The 7 day course is ideal for anybody serious about making a marketable, professional documentary. I can't say enough about it. I'm blown away by the format as well as the content. Your course lays out every key element necessary - - in a logical, comprehensive manner, within 7 days. That's impressive. 

Cj Villanueva 

This course was excellent in practicality, resource material, templates, supporting sites, up-to-date information about gear and step-by-step preparation. As a working freelance writer and videographer, I am already using the tools provided in this course to improve the production of commercials, infomercials, promotional and educational videos for my clients.    

Barbara Reina (New York, USA)

I have been a cameraman for 31 years with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French CBC) doing news and all kind of productions. I am retired now, still quite young, so your course is quite motivating to go back to production on my own now.

Claude Bourgeois (Canada)

This was a fantastic short course for me. It was informative, interactive, enjoyable and concise. I have taken an enormous amount of information from it in a short amount of time and feel adequately prepared and excited to start creating my films. I recommend anyone interested in film to do the course. Many thanks Faith and desktop documentaries.

Steve Whitfield

I have a one-word description for this course - brilliant! Thanks so much for making this incredibly rich content, advice and wisdom available.

Laurie Stoneham

Once you complete the course, you will receive a personalized "Certificate Of Completion".

This is a high quality digital certificate great for including with your resume or CV, sharing with a professor or even to print/frame for your wall.

With the click of a button, instantly post the certificate on your LinkedIn page or other social pages upon completion of the course. Fancy!

"How To Make Money With Video & Documentaries"

As a free bonus with the 7-Day Crash Course, you get an additional 3-part series on how to make money with video & documentaries.

You'll get dozens of specific examples how to make money with your video camera, how to find video & documentary jobs, how to monetize web video and all the ways to make money with your documentary. All complete with video samples and real-world case studies.

This series alone could help you generate an extra $1,000, $10,000 or $50,000+! And maybe even help you launch a new career in video/film production.

The free 3-part series will launch as soon as you complete Day 7 of your documentary course.

Crash Course Guarantee

Your success as a filmmaker is our #1 priority. 

If you are just starting out on your first documentary, I wholeheartedly believe the 7-Day Crash Course is the best investment you'll make in your documentary journey. 

There's nothing else like it on the web and it has helped hundreds of other filmmakers navigate the daunting path to making a film. 

At any time in the next 30-days, if you don't find the course absolutely helpful in the making of your documentary, just let us know and your payment will be refunded. We offer a "100% happiness" 30-day money back guarantee.

Faith Fuller
Faith Fuller
Publisher, Desktop Documentaries

Hi friend! I'm Faith, chief instigator here at Desktop Documentaries. I've been in the filmmaking/TV/video biz more than 25 years and I created this course to help super cool people like yourself get their documentaries made, seen and sold! I hope you enjoy the course and if you have any questions, please just ask!

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