Course Description

It's time documentaries get a fresh lift. Typically, they are taught with outdated methods which stem from the 90's, with boring talking heads and bad imagery. This class, instead, teaches you how to make modern, cinematic, and story-driven character docs that engage viewers both visually and emotionally. 

This class will cover the whole doc making lifecycle, covering how to plan, how to shoot, and how to edit. 

Part travelogue, part course, all of these lessons are designed to be applicable and get straight-to-the-point. Showing behind-the-scenes footage, they bring you along Dandan's journey of making her beautiful short doc in Tokyo about a female boxer for Omeleto, one of the leading online showcasing platforms for films. 

By the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and a complete roadmap needed to make your first documentary short.

What's Inside

    1. Course Intro

    1. Intro to Pre-Production

    2. What Makes A Good Subject?

    3. PreInterview

    4. Preobservations

    5. Interview Questions

    6. Location Scouting

    7. Shot List

    8. Scheduling

    9. PreProduction Recap

    1. Intro to Production

    2. Intro to Audio

    3. Audio Equipment

    4. Recording Space

    5. Essential Audio Tricks

    6. Interview Ground Rules

    7. Interview Tips

    8. Intro to Cinematography

    9. Using Natural Light

    10. Tripod

    11. Composition

    12. Intro to Exposure

    13. Exposure 5 Step Method

    14. Aperture

    15. ISO

    16. ND Filters

    17. Exposure Recap

    18. Shooting

    19. Production Recap

    1. Intro to Editing

    2. Transferring Files

    3. Writing a Transcript

    4. Paper Edit

    5. Editing Case Study

    6. The Premiere Pro Interface

    7. Importing Footage

    8. Setting Up A Sequence

    9. Placing Clips On A Timeline

    10. Syncing Audio with Video

    11. Making Cuts

    12. Adding B Roll

    13. Adding Music Magic to Video

    14. Cutting Music

    15. Adding Transitions

    16. Leveling Your Audio

    17. Export!

    18. Bonus: Ken Burns Effect

    19. Bonus: Adding Titles

    20. Bonus: Warp Stabilizer

    21. "Monburan Micki" Final Version

    1. Course Conclusion

    2. My Teahouse of Wonder

    1. Documentary Release Form

    2. Exposure Method

    3. Exposure Check list jpeg

    4. Exposure Triangle jpeg

    5. F Stop Chart

About this course

  • 60 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

About Instructor

Filmmaker | Contemplative Creative Dandan Liu

Hi there! I’m Dandan, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and contemplative creative living in Italy.

As a self-taught filmmaker, I love foraging for unique stories around the world that illuminate the interconnections among us. I started making films while on a 4 year journey living in monasteries around the world. One film led to the next, and after persevering for many years, I found myself working full time on film crews and streaming my films on Roku, Apple TV, museums, trains, and airplanes.

My highest work is helping others craft an authentic, creative, and mindful life- your unique work of art. I truly believe that knowing who you are underneath the masks is the foundation for flourishing in every area of life.

You can learn more about me on my instructor page.

Cheering you on,

What Students Are Saying

"Wonderful course and teacher, it gives a great overview of what to take into consideration when trying to make a film, thank you!"
- by Laura Hirch

"This was amazing because I learned so much about documentary filmaking. I make YT videos and this information gave me the clarity I was searching for." -
by M Nizam

"Awesome! Even as someone with several short documentaries under my belt, I found plenty of new techniques in this simply laid out course that I will be bringing to future projects. Well done!" -
by George Hayward