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Filmmaking solo does not mean you have to degrade the quality of your film! 

While working on a crew does bring a beautiful spirit of collaboration, filming as a one-person band also comes with its benefits. These advantages include: 

1) You have less costs 

2) You work more freely 

3) You have a lighter footprint, so subjects aren't as self-conscious. 

4) You don't draw as much attention to yourself, which gives more access to closed worlds. 

5) You can be more spontaneous. 

6) You can make more films, which opens more doors. 

In fact, I've shot most of films as a solo-woman band, and the most frequent comment I receive at film festivals is: "I thought you had a whole crew!" 

After filming solo several countries, I’ve developed many hacks to wear multiple hats at once and make high quality films. I’m so excited to share these 7 techniques in this course so you can make high production value films as a one-person band.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Intro

    2. Tip 1: Repeat Motions

    3. Tip 2: Swap The Tripod

    4. Tip 3: Keep a Wide Running

    5. Tip 4: Simplify (no really, simplify)

    6. Tip 5: Sound Round

    7. Tip 6: SFX Are Your Best Friend

    8. Tip 7: Build A Strong Story

    9. An important note

    10. Course Wrap-Up

    1. Film Simplification Guide (PDF)

    1. Survey - Thank You!

    2. How To Contact Me

    3. Certificate of Completion

About this course

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About The Instructor

Filmmaker | Contemplative Creative Dandan Liu

Hi there! I’m Dandan, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and contemplative creative living in Italy.

As a self-taught filmmaker, I love foraging for unique stories around the world that illuminate the interconnections among us. I started making films while on a 4 year journey living in monasteries around the world.

Most of my films are shot as a solo-woman band, and the most frequent comment I receive at film festivals is: "I thought you had a whole crew!"

After persevering for many years, I found myself working full time on film crews and streaming my films on Roku, Apple TV, museums, trains, and airplanes.

My highest work is helping others craft an authentic, creative, and mindful life- your unique work of art. I truly believe that knowing who you are underneath the masks is the foundation for flourishing in every area of life.

Cheering you on,