You've got an idea, film or series. How to get it on Netflix?

It can be frustrating to have an amazing idea or project and have no idea what steps to take, where to turn or who to talk to.

Introducing SELLING TO NETFLIX AND THE STREAMERS 2022 -- a one-of-a-kind insider's guide and distribution tool kit for getting your documentary or doc series on Netflix and other premium streaming channels!

Do you have a great documentary idea or an amazing series you know Netflix would love?

Here's the great news.

Netflix is in constant need of fresh content to update their catalogue, and their spending for unscripted/documentary content is increasing every year (current estimate: $350-million and increasing to $1.1 billion by 2025!).

To keep up with demand, Netflix buyers are seeking outstanding independent filmmakers and documentary creatives who can deliver the stories that Netflix wants. 

Getting A Netflix Deal

So how do you get started connecting with a Netflix buyer and pitching your project?

What kind of content are they looking for and how do you pitch your project effectively?

How much do they pay?

Our brand new course takes you step-by-step from idea development to pitching your concept and then making a winning Netflix deal!

In addition, the lessons you will learn -- about how producers successfully satisfy Netflix's programming appetites -- are highly relevant to Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount +, Apple TV+, Hulu, Discovery+, Peacock and the other well-funded competitors that are rushing into the streaming market.

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Learn what type of content Netflix is looking for, how much they pay and access a list of 'preferred Netflix producers' (people you can potentially work with to pitch YOUR project).

What's Inside

Learn how to get your documentary on Netflix & the streamers, a step-by-step interactive/multi-media guide:

  • Exclusive Netflix 2022 Searchable Database: 900+ documentary commissions & acquisitions, producer names, key Netflix executives, talent, trends, graphs & charts and more...(Amazing resource for idea development, research and investor presentations!)

  • 2022 STREAMERS GUIDE: Hulu, Disney +, HBO MAX, YouTube, etc. What they want, What they are buying, Key Executives, and more

  • Step-by-step video tutorials taking you through the Netflix & Streaming documentary buying eco-system

  • Downloadables & Resources including Netflix Outreach Letter/Email/Proposal Templates, Worksheets, Check-Lists, Deliverables and Pitch Deck Sample!

  • NETFLIX 2022: What You Need To Know Now! (61-page PDF) - Regularly Updated Executive Report with the latest Netflix data, trends, competition & audience insights

  • How much Netflix pays for Originals; Key Deal Terms

  • Idea Development: The BIG "must-haves" for a winning Netflix idea

  • 50+ Key Netflix decision-makers worldwide who buy documentaries & unscripted series (You'll learn how & when to use these names and the BEST way to submit your project to Netflix)

  • 8 Essential Elements to craft the perfect Netflix pitch

  • Quarterly Live Q&A Zoom Calls exclusive for enrolled students

Course Developed by:

Documentary Business Consultant Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton is renowned media strategist who develops and implements television content strategies for leading media companies, governments and non-profits. He is a former executive with CBS International, and for 30+ years has led the New York-based Peter Hamilton Consultants Inc. His network clients have included: Discovery Inc, A+E Networks, Smithsonian Networks, CBS, NBC, Nat Geo Channel, BBC, CBC Canada, ABC Australia and many others. Mr. Hamilton has worked extensively with NGO's and governments to successfully develop their factual television sectors. These clients include Carnegie Foundation, Enterprise Ireland, Singapore's IMDA, South Africa's dti and Screen Australia. Peter is an executive producer and development executive, including on projects for BBC and Smithsonian with Bill Gates, for BBC with David Attenborough, and PBS's Nature strand.
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Step-By-Step Video Tutorials, Interactive Netflix Database of 900+ Documentary Originals & Acquisitions, Key Netflix Contacts, Case Studies, Email/Letter Templates, Deliverables, Trends/Analysis & much more…

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"I am a former studio head, 20th Century Fox, producer and currently teacher at National Film & TV School of UK. Your Netflix guide is outstanding!"
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“An invaluable, practical resource for documentary producers."

"The NETFLIX guide is essential for producers who want to succeed in the Streaming Era.”

"Peter is the smartest person in the room when it comes to understanding what drives success in the documentary video sector."
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"An absolute win, a goldmine of invaluable information presented in an incredibly intuitive format. All in all, simply enormous value on so many levels!"

- Bruce Young/Co-Director, BLOOD LIONS