An executive insider's guide of Netflix’s documentary programming landscape.

Netflix is in constant demand of fresh content to update their catalogue, and their spending for unscripted/documentary content is increasing every year (current estimate: $350-million and increasing to $1.1 billion by 2025!).

To keep up with demand, they WANT to be pitched by independents and smaller production companies like you.

You just need to know how to navigate the Netflix eco-system.

Introducing Netflix 2021: What You Need To Know Now! by Peter Hamilton, a senior-level television & network executive consultant (Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic, PBS, etc) who has created a one-of-a-kind insider's guide and distribution pack with everything you need to know to get your documentary or series on Netflix.

Do you have a great documentary idea or an amazing series you know Netflix would love?

Are you wondering what it REALLY takes to get your documentary on Netflix?

Are you curious how much Netflix pays for originals?

Or how to get the attention of top Netflix executives? 

If you have tried to find this information online, you have likely hit a lot of dead ends.

It can be frustrating to have an amazing idea or project and have no idea what steps to take, where to turn or who to talk to.

Well, you're in luck. This highly-valuable industry knowledge is now available in this one-of-a-kind Netflix Video Guide that walks you step-by-step through the entire Netflix and documentary landscape.

Getting A Netflix Deal

With the limited information Netflix provides the documentary community regarding it's strategy, deals and viewing audience, this insider's guide provides valuable information normally only available to Netflix executives, sales agents and other industry insiders

By enrolling in Netflix 2021: What You Need To Know Now!, you get access to expert analysis on the Netflix landscape and valuable up-to-date data including Netflix contacts, acquisitions, licensing and payment deals -- key information needed to help craft your pitch and get a Netflix deal!

Who to contact! 50 Key Netflix decision-makers worldwide who buy documentaries & unscripted series.


Learn what type of content Netflix is looking for, how much they pay and a database of 'preferred producers' (people you can potentially work with to pitch YOUR project).

What's Inside

An executive insider's guide of Netflix’s documentary programming landscape.

  • A series of 12 Video Modules Taking You Step-by-Step through the Netflix Eco-System (And how to get YOUR documentary on Netflix)

  • The type of content Netflix is looking for RIGHT NOW

  • How much Netflix spends on Originals; Key Deal Terms

  • Who to contact! 50 Key Netflix decision-makers worldwide who buy documentaries & unscripted series

  • Downloadables & Resources including Netflix Outreach Letter/Email Templates, Quizzes and Deliverables

  • Database of 200+ Netflix documentary commissions & acquisitions (Potential partners for YOUR project)

  • Netflix Documentary Case Studies

  • NETFLIX 2021 - Executive Quarterly Report (189-page PDF) with the latest Netflix data, trends & industry insights

Netflix 2021: Produced by Peter Hamilton Consultants, Inc

Documentary Business Consultant

Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton develops and implements television content strategies for leading media companies, governments and non-profits. He is a former business development executive with CBS International. For 30+ years, he has led the New York-based consulting firm Peter Hamilton Consultants. His network clients have included: Discovery Communications, A+E Television Networks, Smithsonian Channel, CBS, NBC, Rainbow Networks, National Geographic Channel, BBC Americas, Scripps Networks, Weather Channel, CBC Canada, ABC Australia and many others. Mr. Hamilton has worked extensively with government agencies to develop and successfully implement policies that build market-driven Factual television sectors. These clients include Enterprise Ireland, Singapore’s Media Development Authority, South Africa’s dti and Screen Australia.
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Step-By-Step Guide with 12 Video Tutorials, Database of 200+ Documentary Originals & Acquisitions, Key Netflix Contacts, Case Studies, Email/Letter Templates, Deliverables, Trends/Analysis & much more…

What People Are Saying

"I am a former studio head, 20th Century Fox, producer and currently teacher at National Film & TV School of UK. Your Netflix guide is outstanding!"
Sandy Lieberson

“An invaluable, practical resource for documentary producers."

"The NETFLIX 2021 guide is essential for producers who want to succeed in the Streaming Era.”

"Peter is the smartest person in the room when it comes to understanding what drives success in the documentary video sector."
Paley Center for Media, New York

"Peter Hamilton's reports capture his brilliant strategic analysis of the always-changing documentary business."

By: Tom Jennings - CEO, 1895 Films (2020 PGA Producer of the Year, Peabody and Emmys.)

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