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Filmmaker | Contemplative Creative

DanDan Liu

Hi there! I’m Dandan, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and contemplative creative living in Italy.

As a self-taught filmmaker, I love foraging for unique stories around the world that illuminate the interconnections among us. I started making films while on a 4 year journey living in monasteries around the world. One film led to the next, and after persevering for many years, I found myself working full time on film crews and streaming my films on Roku, Apple TV, museums, trains, and airplanes.

My highest work is helping others craft an authentic, creative, and mindful life- your unique work of art. I truly believe that knowing who you are underneath the masks is the foundation for flourishing in every area of life. So, I founded Unravel, a playful journey of inner cultivation, which has changed the lives of many people around the world.

The best place to keep in touch is through my newsletter, which I've designed to be my virtual teahouse. Receive curated distillations on the art of authentic living and behind-the-scenes looks into my creative processes. Connect with me on instagram too, which is my shortform playground.

My Newsletter: My Virtual Teahouse of Wonders

The best place to stay in touch with me is through my newsletter, where I share curated inspiration, high value insights on the art of authentic living, BTS, and updates. It's a place I like to spoil my readers. Sign up for it here

"What a breath of fresh air your messages always are! Your newsletters are like a gift thoughtfully picked and wrapped, just waiting to be opened." ~Daniel Gonske 

"As always your newsletter is a true treasure chest of wonders. Thank you SO much for all the magic and wisdom you share!" ~Tanmayo 

"This quickly became one of my favorite newsletters. So beautiful." 

~Giuseppe Graziano

Live Life As Your Unique Work of Art

Once a year, I open doors to my signature program called Unravel. 

Unravel is a 12 week online journey for those who are lost and long to live life as their truest, fullest expression. It is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, utilizing unique tools such as play and embodiment to facilitate the transformation process. 

Together, with a safe and nurturing community, you will venture into the most potent portals of self discovery, gently shed your inauthentic layers, and reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost along the way. You will unravel the biggest obstacles to your growth and discover a new practical life vision that aligns with your truth while finding new depths of belonging, self love, and wholeness. 

Check out the program and hear the voices of our beautiful Unravel community: www.unraveljourney.com 

"Unravel is the biggest catharsis of one's life." 

-Josefa Fox

"I find it difficult to describe Unravel in words because it lives in my body. I have never felt so strong in my body, mind, and heart." 

-Liliana Lupoica

"Unravel gave the most open, trusting, and responsive community I've ever come across." 

-Sean Doran