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How do you reach your audience?

How do you create the most possible revenue?

You might think with all of the new digital platforms out there now, it’s easier to get your project distributed. 

Actually, it’s just gotten more complicated. The good news is, there is a lot of opportunity to reach your audience and to keep more of the money. But you have to understand the system and make the right choices for you and your project. 

This content-packed bootcamp will give you not only a comprehensive overview of all of those choices, but will also give you concrete steps to paving a path to success. 

Imagine putting together a strategy that helps you generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of $$ dollars for your film, providing you with an income stream for years or even decades!

No matter where you are in the process of making your documentary, implementing the content of this course will be a game-changer for you. 

Selling Your Film Post COVID-19

The film industry has been turned upside down with the COVID-19 crisis: film festivals postponed, shoots cancelled, gigs lost.

HOWEVER, even in the midst of the pandemic, there are numerous opportunities to make money with your documentary. In FACT, the opportunities have actually increased in some areas. For example, Netflix has reportedly been replacing dramatic series, sports and other genres with qualified documentaries.

Get Your Documentary on NETFLIX, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, PBS, STARZ and many more.

Learn how to make distribution deals in Theatrical, Semi-theatrical, SVOD, TVOD, VOD, Broadcast, Educational and International Markets.

Introducing: Our Virtual 6-Day Film Distribution Bootcamp!

Launching Fall 2020:

Learn where distribution stands today for documentaries, how to find your audience and maximize your sales

Even right now in the midst of COVID-19. 

This course lays the critical groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of film distribution, empowering you to seek out deals from an educated and confident place, helping you to decide when to go DIY, and when to create a Hybrid Distribution Plan. 

You’ll understand who the players in the industry are, how to negotiate deal points, how to access your paying audience, and what steps you can take to sell your film today.

Don't leave money on the table because you don't know your options and you don't have a plan.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to Identify & Find Your Core, Paying Audience

  • Negotiating Contracts in Your Favor – What Rights You MUST Keep

  • NETFLIX, Hulu, Google and iTunes: Making Deals With Digital Platforms

  • Selling & Pitching at Film Markets, Forums & Film Festivals

  • How To Negotiate With Broadcasters including HBO, STARZ, BBC, PBS, etc.

  • How to get your film on PBS and secure Corporate Sponsorship

  • Must-have Marketing, Publicity and Branding tools

  • How to Craft and Fund your Audience Outreach, Impact and Engagement Plan

  • How To Create a Multi-Year Monetization Plan for YOUR FILM

About The Instructors

Anna Darrah and Jilann Spitzmiller


ANNA DARRAH is an experienced film buyer, negotiating with and licensing over 800 films in her 12 years working for Gaiam and Spiritual Cinema Circle. She is currently the head programmer for Illuminate Film Festival. 

Anna has been an active player on the festival circuit and currently advises filmmakers on custom distribution strategies. She is a Co-Producer on the new film MEOW WOLF: ORIGIN STORY, which recently premiered at SXSW.

"I'm super excited to join with Jilann for this online Bootcamp. With the global pandemic happening, we’re seeing a lot of changes in the distribution landscape, and in some ways it's even creating new opportunities for filmmakers," says Anna.

JILANN SPITZMILLER is the co-founder of DocuMentors and an award-winning filmmaker whose work has premiered in competition at Sundance, SXSW, DOC NYC and Edinburgh. 

Jilann's films have been broadcast around the globe on BBC, NBC, Sundance Channel, Aljazeera, PBS, Discovery Networks, and many more. She successfully implemented a hybrid distribution plan for her film, STILL DREAMING, which was broadcast on PBS with corporate underwriting. She is also a Director, Co-Producer, Writer and Editor of the documentary MEOW WOLF: ORIGIN STORY which you might have recently seen on AppleTV, Amazon and many airlines around the world. 

"As a filmmaker, you have to be savvy about how sales are made and how you can maximize them. You have a lot of power to determine your film’s fate if you’re willing to learn the ropes," says Jilann. "The distribution landscape is vast, with so many opportunities. We are excited to help filmmakers understand how to leverage these into a rock-solid monetization plan."


ANNA and JILANN have led several live film distribution workshops in the Southwest and California. They are taking all of their best strategies and expertise from these workshops and sharing them in this brand new online bootcamp available to you wherever you are in the world!

What To Expect

As a bootcamp, you will be expected to put in the work. This is NOT just a passive "sit-back-and-watch" course (although there are plenty of videos to guide you through each step). 

In addition to the in-depth video tutorials, you'll get a series of challenges, worksheets, check-lists and templates taking you step-by-step through the distribution maze.

By the end of this course, you will have a multi-year PERSONALIZED MONETIZATION PLAN for your film.

You will fully understand what it takes to get your documentary sold and you will have a complete strategy for your film.

How It Works

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll have INSTANT access to the material located inside our professional course platform and you can get started right away!

The course is self-paced, so take the class on your own schedule -- in 6 days (as the class is set-up) or 6 weeks or 6 months. It's totally up to you!

For a motivated individual, the material can be consumed -- and a full monetization plan created -- during a weekend.

Your enrollment fee gives you a TWO-YEAR ACCESS PASS, so come back to the class as often as you like during the next 24-months.

IMAGINE: Enroll right now and you could have a complete monetization plan for your film by week's end!

This workshop is an important investment in the success of your project, no matter if you're in development, production, or distribution. It’s never too soon to think about distribution!

Supercharge Your Film Distribution Skills

Documentary Film Distribution Bootcamp with Jilann Spitzmiller and Anna Darrah


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