Raise Funds The Smart Way

So you're ready to start raising money for your documentary? Terrific!

You probably need to buy or rent gear, hire an editor, pay travel costs, buy insurance, pay music fees, buy more hard drives, pay a publicist, film festival fees... the costs can add up quick.

Whether you're looking to raise $5,000, $10,000 or even a million US dollars, this course peels away the mystery and provides a step by step plan -- so that you can confidently approach funders and raise the critical funds you need.

"I wanted to say you saved my filmmaking life.Your system is so easy and convenient to use. Thank you!"

-- Carla Sanchez/Documentary Director

Imagine The Possibilities

Imagine what would happen if you had all the money you needed to make your documentary.

  • You could quit your 9-5 job and focus full time on making your film.

  • You could hire exactly who you needed to make your film including a writer, production crew, editor, composer and graphics specialist.

  • You could get the best quality video camera and all the filmmaking gear needed to bring your artistic vision to life.

  • The important message of your film can finally get out to the world, potentially changing or saving lives or impacting society.

There are millions of dollars out there for your film, you just need to know where to go to find it!

What's Inside The Course

  • 18 Multi-Media Modules

    An engaging mix of videos, interactive elements + 18 learning modules take you step-by-step through the essential concepts of fundraising. You'll get to learn visually and understand the big ideas quickly.

  • Assignments & Quizzes

    Relevant assignments to help you craft a personalized fundraising strategy. As well as fun quizzes along the way creating an exciting and engaging learning experience.

  • Bonuses + Downloads

    Get many bonuses & extras including a $250,000 winning grant trailer sample, fundraising (LOI) letter template, free downloadable e-book of 25 "Fun and Creative" fundraising ideas, Fundraising Checklist (PDF) and a live Fundraising Calendar.

What You'll Learn

  • The Fundraising Mindset (VIDEO) - Critical to your fundraising success. Don't underestimate this step!

  • Why People Donate To Documentaries (VIDEO) - Learn these psychological triggers to boost donations and make it a win-win for you AND the donor!

  • Where To Find The Money -- A comprehensive overview of all the places to find money for your film.The Treasure Hunt begins here!

  • How To Get The Money (VIDEO) -- Tips, tricks and techniques for winning donations from wealthy donors, foundations and the "crowd."

  • The Fundraising Tools (VIDEO) -- Available resources to help you gather the GOLD (You'll be amazed what you learn here!)

  • How To Create a Powerful Fundraising Trailer (VIDEO) -- A must-have item for your fundraising tool box! Learn the essential components of a winning fundraising trailer.

  • How To Create a Knock Out Elevator Pitch & Log Line (VIDEO) -- Important for Film Festivals, Events and On-The-Spot Donations!

"Blew me away"

by Cat Russell / Documentary Producer (Colorado, USA)

"You blew me away with the concept that fundraising is not asking people for money, you are getting them to sign on to something they want to be a part of. Wow! If I only new that the last time I fundraised on Kickstarter!"

"Most helpful tool"

by Amber Talarico (Los Angeles, California)

"I am currently going through everything. And oh my Lanta, this course is the most helpful tool I have EVER come by! I am SO happy I came across it. Thank you for putting all the time and effort in creating this. You are helping hundreds if not thousands of people. I will be sure to promote this to all my other film friends!"

"Valuable Resources"

by Tess Howie (N. Dakota, USA)

"So many valuable resources. I appreciated the encouraging tone of the course." (Producer, Feek's Vision Documentary)

"Very helpful"

by Duncan Sill/Producer-Director, Invictuscope

"As a filmmaker, producer juggling so many balls to develop and facilitate the actualization of projects, having material such as this offers a very helpful way to organize and assess your own work and progress. Even with significant industry and or development background, I gained valuable resources by taking this course."

What You Can Expect With This Course:

The Documentary Fundraising Course is an 18-part multimedia series of videos, interactive elements, quizzes and text modules that covers the full spectrum of fundraising. It's taught in an easy-to-follow and fun way.

Access to the course + bonus downloads are available immediately after purchase and can be accessed at any time by logging into your account.

You'll have lifetime access to the materials throughout the making of your documentary and as long as you need them.

"Dead on"

by Murv Seymour/Documentary Director (Killer B3)

"I wish I had discovered this course before I produced my first flick. Your information on who donates and why is dead on. The goal for my next film is $100,000. When I'm done with your lessons, hopefully I will have more tools at my finger tips to get there."

"Many, many take-aways"

by David Williams / Documentary Producer (USA)

"As a former nonprofit executive director many of the points covered within the course were familiar to me. However, filtered through the lens of raising funds for a documentary (my first!) the ground covered was a comforting reminder of how to do this sort of thing. There were many, many take-aways."

Your Fundraising Team

Hi filmmaker! My name is Faith and I'm the publisher of Desktop Documentaries. I'll be guiding you through this course along with Hank Rogerson and Jilann Spitzmiller.

Hank and Jillan have raised more than $1-million for their documentary projects. Together we are putting together our best resources to help you raise the crucial funds needed to make your film. Think of us as your personal fundraising team guiding you every step of the way!

The GOAL of this course is to help you get started with fundraising. Or if you have already begun, to get you your NEXT round of funds and support.

By the way, Jilann and Hank are the co-creators of the Documentary Proposal Template Pack and Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle), perfect companions with this fundraising course which all come together as part of the Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit.

Why this Course?

Imagine putting together a documentary pitch that helps you bring in tens of thousands of dollars (or MORE). Isn't it worth at least the same amount you'd pay a production assistant for one day's work if it helps you raise an extra $5,000, $75,000 or $1-million? Your small investment has easily paid for itself!

Our Guarantee

Your success as a filmmaker is our #1 priority.

At any time in the next 30-days working through the material, if you don't find the Documentary Fundraising Course 2.0 absolutely essential in your fundraising efforts OR...

If you don't find clarity in the next step you should take in your journey... OR

If you are dissatisfied in any way.

...just let us know and your course payment will be refunded. We offer a "100% happiness" no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

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