Documentary Proposal Template Pack

Documentary Proposal Template Pack

Tools To Put Together A Winning Proposal

Documentary Proposal Template Pack

The Documentary Proposal Template is a comprehensive, step-by-step fundraising tool that helps you pitch your documentary project to potential major funding partners including corporations, private investors and foundations.

Created by our own Emmy-winning documentary team, the template is a pre-formatted pre-written document that helps you create a stunning, professional and powerful proposal for your film.

Where To Start?

Too many documentary proposals are unprofessional, lack the correct information and turn off wealthy donors and potential funders right at the start.

One of the first things a potential donor will ask for is a documentary treatment or proposal. Unless they are a foundation or government agency, they will not tell you what to include in the proposal or how to write it in such a way that will convince them to give you money. So how do you know what to include in the proposal that will give you the best chance to get funding? Often, a wealthy individual will want to meet you and hear in your own words why this project is important to you and why their funding is needed. A proposal can be a POWERFUL tool to set the stage and open the door for you.

A professional and well written proposal lets a potential funder know that you have thought through every detail and that you have a clear vision for your film. The proposal builds CREDIBILITY for you and your project. A sloppy or incomplete proposal is almost guaranteed to doom your fundraising efforts. The funder won't say it out loud, but they will think to themselves, "If this person can't even put together a proposal, what is the documentary going to look like?"

What if there was a simple documentary proposal template you could follow -- with exact text and pre-formatted lay-out -- that showed you exactly what to include and how to write your proposal to get the funding you needed?

Don't you want to get your documentary made as soon as possible? Don't you want to avoid the embarrassment of having an unprofessional or incomplete proposal?

We've searched and there's nothing else like our Documentary Proposal Template. If it exists, we can't find it. The best we can find a list of bullet point items you should include in your proposal. But there is nothing that provides a comprehensive how-to package like the one here.

The Documentary Proposal Template Includes:

A 25-page template with instructions, including sample text that you can use word-for-word in your own proposal. This part alone will save you days, if not weeks of work!

Written examples from a REAL film proposal that you can use to model your own descriptions and writing style.

Exact formatting so all the guess work is taken out of the process.

Step-by-step instructions and helpful tips on what works and what doesn't.

Learn the ONE must-have item in your proposal that can make or break your fundraising efforts.


As an extra bonus with the template, you get a separate Proposal Writing Mini-Course ($29 dollar value) with tips and tricks for formatting and crafting your proposal.

Order now and get the Documentary Proposal Template, PLUS the free Proposal Writing Mini-Course as our gift to you.

" It was worth every $. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's new to the business of writing proposals (or) treatments. Thank you!" ~Agnieszka Baginska, Australia

"Amazing resource for proposal grant writing. Recently my film proposal was called "Brilliant" from a very well known film proposal reviewer and it was because I followed this amazing template! I truly couldn't have done it without this!"
~Carla Sánchez, Documentary Director

Is The Documentary Proposal Template Worth Your Hard Earned Money?

Is it worth potentially losing thousands of dollars in support to submit an unprofessional or incomplete proposal?

Business people will not tell you what’s going to impress them or convince them to give you funding. You’ve got to get it right THE FIRST TIME.

Impress your potential donors & partners and prove to them you have what it takes to bring your documentary to completion.

If you are staring at a blank white page with no clue where to start with your proposal, this template is a life saver.

How You Benefit

The pre-formatted sample text in the template saves you the agony of starting completely from scratch.

By taking out all the guess work, the template will save you hours, days, even weeks of work.

You will save hundreds of dollars by not having to pay a writer.

The template saves you the embarrassment of presenting an incomplete or unprofessional proposal and losing that funder forever.

Builds CREDIBILITY for you and your project.

Helps you raise crucial funds for your film.

There is no guessing. The template is already laid out and ready for you to plug in your own film's information.

Imagine putting together a documentary pitch that helps you bring in tens of thousands of dollars (or MORE!). How much is that worth? Even if the proposal pack just helped raise an extra $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000, your investment has easily paid for itself!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I hope you will find the Documentary Proposal Template Pack extremely useful. As my promise to you, there is a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Just e-mail me your original receipt e-mail and your purchase will be refunded.There is absolutely no risk.

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