Documentary Starter Kit Mini-Course

Documentary Starter Kit

A FREE 3-Part Mini-Course To Get You Started Making Your Documentary

Documentary Starter Kit (Mini-Course) - NEW!


Enjoy this FREE mini-course on how to launch your documentary. You'll get numerous actionable ideas (many that you can implement immediately), a handy pre-production check-list, plus documentary gear starter package ideas.

It's a no-brainer to sign-up. You'll be inspired to move ahead with your project, plus it's 100% free!

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Click the red "ENROLL" button and create your new Desktop Documentaries account. Just enter your email and a password, and you'll have instant access to this mini-course. It's that easy! Once you're inside, you are able to ask questions and you can login back in at any time to access the contents.

Faith Fuller
Faith Fuller
Publisher, Desktop Documentaries

Hi friend! I'm Faith, chief instigator here at Desktop Documentaries. I've been in the filmmaking/TV/video biz more than 25 years and I created this course to help super cool people like yourself get their documentaries made, seen and sold! I hope you enjoy the course and if you have any questions, please just ask!

Reviews (99)

Excellent way to begin!

by Stacey grundy
The starter kit provided great information for those who do not know where to start. It has been extremely helpful to have this type of roadmap to start on the documentary filmmaking journey. Thanks!

Documentary Starter Kit

by Adiyb Muhammad
Absolutely wonderful information to get started even if you are already a film maker.

Starter Advice.

by bill bristow
This is a very good kick starter course for those of us wanting to make documentaries. I have made a few behind the scenes documentaries, and a documentary about homeless in Los Angeles. This course reminded me of the great use of digital cameras and equipment. My first documentary was with 16 mm and a Nagra tape deck and full crew. So much more with much less gear. Thank You
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Excellent way to begin!

by Stacey grundy
The starter kit provided great information for those who do not know where to start. It has been extremely helpful to have this type of roadmap to start on the documentary filmmaking journey. Thanks!

Documentary Starter Kit

by Adiyb Muhammad
Absolutely wonderful information to get started even if you are already a film maker.

Starter Advice.

by bill bristow
This is a very good kick starter course for those of us wanting to make documentaries. I have made a few behind the scenes documentaries, and a documentary about homeless in Los Angeles. This course reminded me of the great use of digital cameras and equipment. My first documentary was with 16 mm and a Nagra tape deck and full crew. So much more with much less gear. Thank You

Very helpful informative course

by Rohan Harvey
I was so pleased to come across the doco starter mini course, it was packed with helpful information to start the ball rolling to making my own. I was so impressed by the end of it that I purchased the full 7 day crash course. Great to find someone so willing to share their knowledge and help others. Many thanks Faith. Regards Rohan.


by Danil Joseph
Gives beginners insight on all the pre-requisites for making a documentary.

Made the "overwhelm" seem doable!

by Karen Harrison
This mini course highlights the basic pieces that would need to come together to make a successful documentary. Even though there are plenty of moving parts... having a template/checklist to get started encouraged me to do just that, and took some of the "overwhelm" away... Thanks for sharing!

The Basics

by Maya Arellanes
I definitely got a bigger picture understanding of what it is going to take to create my documentary. I hadn't even thought about creating an LLC in case I got sued or having to deal with legal release forms. Yikes. Of course, I'm making everything out to be more intimidating than it is, I'm sure... but I am certainly a bit overwhelmed! I have a lot to think about following the completion of this course but hey, they're being honest with you and that's all that I can ask for. Looking forward to the challenges and excited for what is to come.

I learned a lot of useful information!

by John Dodd
I will be studying creative media in college next fall and was wanting advise about documentary film making. This mini-course tought me a lot of basic information I needed to know!

Fine if you have littrally no idea what you are doing

by Jack Leigh
If you have zero experience or training then this will be alright, but if you've any idea what you are doing it won't be useful

Nice free course, worth doing

by Charles Arundell
Noted down a lot of hints and tips and feel much more prepared for an upcoming shoot.

Awesome Super Nice Mini-Course

I am working as associate director of documentary working under director Guruprasad.


by Paula Jen
Just what I needed! Thank you so much!

Thank you

by Sophia Cooper
I was not sure if I was approaching my project in a way that would lead to good results. Thank you for giving some great pointers.

Starter Kit Mini Course

by Wavell Van Wyk
Excellent, Great Information.

Excellent Introduction!

by Charles Omer
This provides the launching pad I need to get started. It's an awesome online of the process and steps.


by Hemanth Kumar
Really useful to me. Thanks a lot! I want to know more about making the documentary.

Great Info

by Samuel Franklin
This starter kit provides great information to get started in your documentary journey.


by zaheerabbass Dardistani
I like the types and process of documentary filmmaking. Got new ideas and a sequence wise process.

This is very interesting

by Rene Antonio DOCS
I enjoyed this very much I feel more confident and I am ready to enlighten myself and others. Rene (Oregon)

Excellent Checklist

by Patrick Seitiso
The mini-course is short, powerful and quite insightful. It oozes tremendous motivation to just start.

Good to go

by Kimberly Porter
This was very educational for our church project

very good

by amina mohamed
It gives you the urge to just go and start shooting. Also, I get the whole picture of what i need to make documentaries

Title explains clearly what the course entails.

by Deborah Vogler
I found the information useful and included information about starting out on a documentary journey that I had not even thought about. Very useful tool for starting out.

Very Helpful

by Kajsa Friberg
It really helped me get a kickstart in making a documentary.

Appetite Stimulated

by Atsen Jonathan Ahua
The Documentary Starter Kit Mini-Course has certainly stimulated my appetite and provided the incentive for me to want more. I have been away from active production for several years and now I want to get back into the field. Re-engaging with the basics through this primer cum introduction has re-energized long under-utilized creative and technical circuits in my wiring. I am encouraged by the realization that the elements of good story-telling are still very much the same and the technology has simplified the demands on labor. I am excited.


Perfect guide

Great short course

by Clem Dallaway
Great introduction with some great information on gear


by Abdalla Musa
very beneficial information.

Great start!

by Gisella Albertini
Very useful, it helps just go and do something about a project that maybe was in the mind for some time but didn't know what to start with.

Great Refresher!

by Deborah Holmén
It's been a few years since I delve into documentary film as screenwriter and Producer. Glad to see such helpful sites!


by Bongi Mbongwe
Thank you so much, Made my life and skills so eassssy!!!

Super Good

by Aaliyah Zadok
It was very helpful and informative. Definitely be able to start my documentary now.

The Starter Kit Mini-Course

by Gideon Brown
The Starter Kit Mini-Course is awesome!! The content within this course is not mini. It has content with value to help prepare yourself to at least make a step in the right direction towards your goal. Stick with Desktop Documentaries all the way through the process to fulfill your dreams!! I AM!! - Tunde, Entrepreneur & Soul Singer

Informative and User friendly

by Christina Reading
A great starting point with lots of pointers and information as well as encouraging the “you can do it!” Attitude.


I found it a very good overview with useful steps to guide through the process.

Documentary Starter Kit Mini-Course

by Ennis Amen
Very helpful. Thanks guys.

Great Course!

by Racquel Ezell
This Starter Kit Mini-Course provided a succinct and valuable start in preparation for beginning and completing a documentary project! Thank you!

Documentary Film Producing Clearly Defined

by Happiness Mpase
I have enjoyed this course because it is realistic, simplistic yet so on point. It has helped me put quite a few things I have been questioning since I have started my documentary film producing research into perspective. Thank you very much for the course and the platform.

Nice quick overview

by Bob Stanford
Excellent quick overview of the essentials for helping me understand the core requirements for a new documentarian. I enjoyed it, and learned a few new points, even though I'm advanced relative to this particular material. It made an excellent refresher, reminding me of a few things I had forgotten.

A Quick Reminder Course!

by Paul NEWON
the course was quick and to the point...

Simple but some nice gems here

by T'ony SAN Bliss
This was informative

Spot on!

by simon owens
Was a simple and inspiring introduction to those wishing to potentially pursue the subject. Thanks.

Super Br-easy...

by Kameena Dawkins
Wow! This Mini-Course was a breath of fresh air. The sometimes dense and hard to comprehend facts of the making a documentary, was made clear to me in this easy to understand format. With the combination of resources links, pictures and readable text on a well thought out and user-friendly styled website platform, this course has allowed me to 'breathe easy' knowing that I've got help along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Shine On! K.S.B.D.

Excellent Starter Course

by Kim Hardy
This has some great information to reference. Thanks for sharing.


by Anande Lewi

Mini Course

by Dhruv Singh
It was a very quick course but I learned a few gret tips. Many thanks


by Marcel Jones
Just an excellent oppurtunity to gain helpful knowlege. Very easy


by Jonathan Lontoc
Great checklists of what any beginning documentary filmmaker would probably need to know. I intend to review the links as my leisure to develop a greater understanding of the entire process. Thanks for the head start.

Generous gift to inspire documentary production for shining light on world truth.

by Valentine Snow
Effecient, organized, empowering, specific and inspiring. This mini-course is a generous gift from the wisdom of a clearly seasoned documentary film maker. Thank you, Faith.

very good

by Aman Frederick
Very good for beginners. Learned excellent things about filmmaking.

Clearer Perspective

by Michael Thornton
Thanks for the Starter Kit mini-course certainly cleared up the order of the to do list!

Great place to learn documentary , and get started

by samuel kamau
I have been wanting to make a documentary in my country, to light up my candle to change the perspective and bring change to my community . i am a film maker but dint know how to go about documentary as seen on telly , thinking there is a big team behind their projects with huge budgets , but since i got to this website i have learned a lot and i can make a documentary even a one man team and make a difference in my community. I have done all my research and I am going start my documentary tomorrow . "I wont wait for more gear, my wrong conception of making it . I'll work with what I have ".

Good Resource

by Azhar McNeal
Good resource for establishing fundamental knowledge regarding documentary filmmaking.

Documentary Starter Kit Mini-Course

by Sylvia Armendáriz
Glad I found your website. I have no experience in but have a great passion for my documentary and was feeling lost. Not so much since I went through the mini-course. The first two segments were esp helpful and I'm no longer terrified!

Excellent Mini-Course

by Nichole Pope
This documentary mini-course is the perfect starter course. It provides an overview of everything essentially needed to understand the inner workings of creating a documentary. Plus, it's free. I would recommend anyone who's interested in making a first-time documentary to take this course.

Good route to get started.

by Jeffrey Nelson
This free course is an excellent way to help the creator understand the depth of their project and the commitment needed to follow through.

The title was well thought out an attention grabber.

by Michelle DeSelle
Clear and concise! A wealth of information that further excited me about my project. I am sincerely grateful for the generosity of the author.

Documentary Starter Kit Mini- course

by Bekkie Maboea
Very informative and challenging. i'm happy that i took the decision to enroll for this course. thank you for the opportunuty,

by Niraj Raj Joshi


by Lucila Baptiste
this was a great format to assist me with beginning my project

by Yolanda Perez

by Winnie Wintoz


by Manohar Thite
This Mini Kit is great to start your documentary film .........

Good start

by Kristinn Uni Unason
This is a good start. Now I am off to make mine.


by Peter Kolo
The course is highly informative. Thanks for giving your all to it.

Documentary Starter Kit Mini-Course

by Dan Shouinard
this was very handy.


by Myat Thu
Thx for free.

Very helpful.

by Zaheer Ahmed
This is very much taking you on your first walk as a toddler holding your finger carefully at every step and guiding you rightly for additional information which is a must have. Never felt so involved in learning the technique of film making as this mini course provided. I will highly recommend this course to anyone planning to get the perfect intro to venture into the wide world of documentary films making.

It's very helpful

by manish thakur
I like that it's explained step by step.


by Kayesha Wesley
The mini session gives a perfect amount of general information for beginners!!! Very short and sweet!! The links provided take you directly to more specific information on each given topic!! I am eager to enroll in some of the other courses soon!!


by hamed afrouz
i've just started study on documentary and this was so useful for me special thanks

Well Informed

by Yusak Wagiyono
Awesome.. Good Job Desktop Documentaries..

Good Information!

by Tanya Santiago
This is good information for those who are just getting their feet wet! Hopefully I can make something out of this!

Very good!

by Skitten Power
Very good!

by maria martinez

All you need to start you off.

by George Kingsnorth
This little course provides you with enough information to get you started in the world of documentary. It's a great way to lead you into the other courses available which will give you more depth. What is good about these courses are they are coming from people in the industry who are using their experience to help others into the industry. Highly recommend.


by Muskaan Naagar
Even with the start up kit, the guidelines and steps to consider on how to shoot a documentary are pretty awesome without which i would have made a simple approach to shoot my documentary film, so thank you for that :) real helpful stuff

Helpful Starter Kit

by Caitlin T
This course gives you the basics which you need to know. Great course.


by Jelford Teves
I was browsing through the internet, searching on many articles how to create, write, shoot a documentary as I was fascinated creating one after directing four short narratives. This course is heaven sent! Thank you so much!

Just in the nic of time ! Bravo

by Alarice Vidale de Palacios
I began this journey over 3 years ago and I am so grateful to now be on my way of getting my documentary produced. Thank you Faith for putting together such a compact and powerful training. It answered or has guided me towards the answers which were on my initial research list. This is a much have.

by Rashmi Singh


by nicolae stan
your website its so awesome, thank you so much for!!!

documentary starter mini course

by Weston Makoni

Documentary Starter Kit

by Marshall White
My name is Marshall White and I thought it was an awesome course too not only show the basics of getting started but whats really involved in the entire process.

Please, HELP! ")

by Mohamed Dardir
Thank you very much for this useful course, but please help me to have more and deep information and tips to make my first Documentary :)

Documentary Starter Kit

by Don Ortiz
I found this information and links very useful. Thank you for your help! Respectfully, Don Ortiz

documentary starter kit

by ringi mahechani
Wauuuu this site is a miracle. Guys keep it up. l don't know what I would have done without you. God bless you. You're here for a purpose. Great ideas for the rich and the poor....

Starter kit

by Sobhanund Seeparsad
Excellent introductory materials and very helpful for any beginner. Motivates one to go ahead.

by Joel Law

Good Basic information

by tie williams
This course gives some good basic information to get you started especially if you have no clue.

Very Informative

by Arlena Flanders
I found this Documentary Starter Kit Course very informative.

Documentary Basics

by Lavisse Smith
Truly just sharing of basic information. Nothing I didn't already know.

Awesome for new documentary filmmaker

by Gabbar Punjabi
It's a really good online Doc Course. In short, they cover so many important elements.

by Debsurya Dhar

Documentary Starter Kit

by Tshechu Dorji Wong
Very informative and useful for the beginner as the title itself says..


by Angel de la Rosa

Loved the details

by Ian Zaldivar
I am a Videographer who owns a mini business, filming events on an island. I loved the details and the way you explain all that needs to be learned. This is great!

Five stars

by Bratislav Stevanović

Very useful information. Thank you!

by Cj Villanueva
Documentaries are my new career choice, after spending the last 20 years in business development and marketing in healthcare. Your Starter Kit and method of presenting information is exactly what I needed to put things in high gear. The forms, checklists, and advice help get things moving from concept to screen. Thanks!