Documentary Legal Forms & Contracts [Starter Pack]

Documentary Legal Forms and Contracts

A Starter Pack of Essential Legal Forms and Contracts | Developed by Gordon P. Firemark

Documentary Legal Forms and Contracts [Starter Pack]

A starter pack of essential legal forms and contracts specifically designed for documentary filmmakers. Packet includes the most commonly needed releases and contracts during the making of a documentary.

Packet Includes:

  • Talent Release
  • Location Release
  • Materials Release
  • Group Release
  • Extra/Background Release
  • Poster-Style Release For Shooting In Public Spaces
  • Crew Deal Memo
  • Bonus Form: Depiction Release (Life Rights Option)

Created exclusively for Desktop Documentaries by Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark.

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Have the confidence that these forms are created and vetted by an entertainment attorney specifically for documentary filmmakers.

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How To Use The Forms

  • Talent Release Form - ie Personal Release Form, use this for your interviews.
  • Materials Release Form - Use this form whenever you are including photographs, paintings, sculpture, other artwork, documents or artifacts in your film.
  • Location Release Form - Use this for permission to shoot on private property.
  • Group Release -Use when depicting larger groups, such as a club, athletic team, choir, etc.
  • Extra/Background Release - For persons who appear in the background of a shot or scene, but who are not the focal point or subject of the footage in question.
  • Poster Release - This is a poster-size release you should use when filming in public spaces where numerous people may be entering and exiting the frame. Examples: Public Parks, Government Buildings and surrounding areas, Shopping Centers, Malls, Sports arenas, and the like. (Note that location releases may be required for some of these kinds of places)
  • Crew Deal Memo - Use this release for all crew members working on the film. This includes volunteers, Production Assistants, etc., whether in the office, or on-set, who work during any phase of production, from development through post-production.

**All forms come in Microsoft Word for easy editing.


Are these legals forms applicable to filmmakers outside of the United States?

Gordon P. Firemark: "I think they’re fine for filmmakers everywhere, but I can only vouch for their full effect in the US. I’m not licensed anywhere else, and the US has some freedoms not found everywhere. 1st Amendment isn’t absolute, so I don’t wish to give an opinion beyond the borders of the US."

Specifically regarding whether the forms would work in Canada:

Gordon P. Firemark: "Mostly, yes, but I always advise checking with a local attorney, in case there are special issues in local law. Truthfully, the US is more litigious than most other places, so these forms are good protection."

Got additional questions?

**Make sure your documentary has all the proper legal paperwork. Click the "Buy Now" button below for immediate access to the Documentary Legal Forms Starter Pack.