What's Inside

    1. Unit 01: Welcome - You're In!

    2. Unit 02: How To Choose A Documentary Idea That Sells

    3. Unit 03: How to narrow down 50+ ideas to THE one winning idea

    1. Unit 01: How To Anticipate What Film Buyers Will Want In The Future (Part 1)

    2. Unit 02: How To Anticipate What Film Buyers Will Want In The Future (Part 2)

    3. Unit 03: Student Check-In

    1. Unit 01: Thinking Outside the Box To Find Great Stories

    2. Unit 02: Three Questions To Ask During The Research Phase

    3. Unit 03: Going deeper - What's Your Story REALLY About?

    4. Unit 04: How To Find Hidden Gems In The Archives (Lessons from APOLLO: MISSIONS TO THE MOON)

    1. Unit 01: Selling Your Idea (What Film Buyers REALLY Want)

    2. Unit 02: Pitch Deck Sample - "The Real Right Stuff"

    1. Unit 01: Next Steps - Producing a Sizzle Reel or Trailer

    2. Unit 02: TRAILER - The Real Right Stuff

    3. Unit 03: TRAILER - Diana: In Her Own Words

    1. Unit 01: Filmmaker Q&A #1

    2. Unit 02: Filmmaker Q&A #2

About this Workshop

  • 12 Video Lessons
  • Pitch Deck Sample
  • Taught by a Peabody-Winning Director who has delivered 500+ films to Streamers & Channels including Netflix, Nat Geo, Disney+, PBS and more!


Do you want to learn how to generate extraordinary documentary ideas that sell? You're in luck!

Inside this brand new 2022 workshop, get exclusive (rare) insights from Peabody Award-Winning Producer Tom Jennings whose production company has delivered 500+ films to streamers & channels including Netflix, Nat Geo, Disney+, PBS and many more!

Jennings is the co-founder of 1895 Films and directed the Netflix and National Geographic special, DIANA: IN HER OWN WORDS; the Natl Geo and PGA award-winning APOLLO: MISSIONS TO THE MOON; ALIEN ABDUCTION for Discovery+; MLK: THE ASSASSINATION TAPES for Smithsonian Channel, and many more! 

Go behind the scenes with Jennings as he shares his step-by-step process for developing winning ideas that get the greenlight from top buyers.

This workshop is co-produced and moderated by renowned media strategist Peter Hamilton (clients have included Discovery, A&E, BBC, Smithsonian, etc). He's the publisher of DocumentaryBusiness.com and instructor of our popular Selling To Netflix 2023 course.

Join Peter and Tom for a fascinating and insightful workshop to learn how to find, develop and pitch documentary ideas that SELL!

[PLEASE NOTEThis workshop is included inside the SELLING TO NETFLIX course.]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will I have access?

    The workshop comes with a 1-Year Access Pass.

  • Can I download class materials?

    Yes! Any PDF assets or other resources inside the course are yours to download and keep!

  • Who can I contact if I have a question?

    Please contact Customer Service by sending an email to support@desktop-documentaries.com